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As funny as it sounds you can actually make your move much easier when you are vacating your Columbus home by making a moving calendar.

Calendars are great reminders for daily activities and can be much better and more reliable to use that to simply make mental notes or a list.

You can use any calendar for your moving calendar. Large ones, small ones, pocket calendars, anything.

When you first begin to fill out your moving calendar you can start with counting the days before the move is to take place. What will you do during these days and what can be done to make you as prepared for your move as possible?

For starters you can begin with doing some surveying of your current belongings. Take a walk through your house and take stock of what you have, what you want to bring, what you can leave behind, sell or give away and what you think you might need to buy for your new home before using Columbus residential movers.

When you have determined all of this plan some days in your calendar to get out there and price shop for the items you will be purchasing for you new home. This will help make the time pass more smoothly and you will be ahead of the game already.

Moving causes some special occasions and dates to be forgotten and with your handy moving calendar you will be able to remember all of these important times with one quick glance at each day.

Give yourself plenty of time with your calendar to start packing and storage. No one wants to have to pack in haste as it causes mistakes to happen and builds the stress level of any move up.

Plan accordingly for when you will need to have your phone, electrical and other services shut off at your current Columbus home and when they will need to be turned on at your new one.

Set a firm date for when you want your mail to start being forwarded to your new address and let any important services, such as cell phone providers and credit card companies, that send you bills know of your new address in advance to avoid any late charges or accidental shut offs.

If you are working with a Columbus movers company make sure that all the dates you have chosen for the move are set and you have them in your calendar. You want the moving company to stick closely to the schedule you have created and you can keep on top of this easily. Write down the final agreed price for your move in your calendar so you have it with you and can be sure that no hidden fees are being created. Make sure to get a written copy of your binding estimate and keep that in the same place as your calendar.

If you are renting a truck and equipment make certain to write down pick up and drop off times in your calendar as any extra time will cost you extra money.

On move day have travel and move times ready and stick to the plan. Make your move easy with the one, two, three ease of a step by step move by use of your moving calendar.